Some tips on grooming your cat

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Grooming your cat helps to strengthen your bond between you two. It is also necessary to keep your cat in good shape and health. Be it simple grooming like trimming the nails, or more elaborate ones like giving your cat a thorough hair cut, there is no doubt that grooming is one of the essential regular activities that you’ll need to do for your cat.

Any pointers on grooming your cat? Check out some of the tried and tested tips on cat grooming:

  • Before you cut the fur and as you are cutting the fur, remember never to lose sight of the skin. If you lose sight of the skin – stop immediately.
  • Use scissors with rounded tips.
  • You can start on one area, and shift to another area. There is no need to keep trimming the same area, and it is easier on your cat.
  • Grooming must not be a rush job, so space it out by giving your cat many rest breaks. Your cat needs to be still when you are trimming, not wiggly. Safety is the most important thing.
  • If your cat is fidgety and moving, don’t cut.
  • Cover delicate areas with your finger and work slowly.
  • Switch your angle of approach frequently. You can work from the left, the right, the top, or the bottom. You can also reposition your cat as needed.
  • Don’t bathe the cat while the coat still has mats, or you’ll have a mess

Here is a really nice demo video from a pet spa we found that incorporates a lot of these points and actually demonstrates how to cleanly trim the fair from a long haired cat. In this case, the cat was a Persian, and a very calm and well-behaved one. The cat ended up looking like a little lion, which is something you can also easily accomplish with one of these funny lion mane wigs!