Does your dog need a chew toy?

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Dogs are natural carnivores, and as such, they all possess strong jaws that are always giving them issues, be they adults or juveniles. What issues are we talking about? Well, we are talking about teething issues. For juvenile dogs and puppies, growing teeth causes discomfort and pain, which can only be relieved by chewing on something. Adult dogs also chew a lot, but they chew stuff more out of a need to relieve boredom/stress and besides, chewing helps to clean their teeth, and that is why they do it instinctively.

This chewing instinct carries over to your household items, and that’s why – You need a chewable dog toy for your doggie to chew on all day long. But before you go get your dog a new chewable toy, make sure he/she is not chewing out of stress. Some people muzzle their dogs or scold and punish them for chewing on inappropriate things, but that’s cruel. Your dog will not understand why you’re punishing it!

Determine the cause for the chewing, is it natural or a manifestation of some internal stress – and then address it. If your dog is chewing largely out of boredom, then you gotta take him/her out for walks and exercise, and spend more time playing with it. It would make sense to hide or move sensitive items that you don’t want your dog chewing on, out of the way as well. If that’s impossible, you can try spraying a natural dog repellent/deterrent on these items, which tastes awful to dogs and they will avoid chewing them in the future.

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Let’s talk about the kinds of chewable stuff that dogs like. Dogs and puppies should be provided with a variety of safe, chewable toys. Chewable dog toys come in many designs and are made out of all kinds of material, so as a dog owner, what should you be looking out for?

  • Squeaky Chewable Toys – Squeaky chewable toys are toys that will make a noise when they are being chewed on. Dogs are natural predators in the wild, so if they were to chew on something that makes noise when they bite, or can eventually be torn apart, it’s a lot more authentic and therefore, pleasurable experience for them. These types of toys can be made of rubber or fabric. A chewable squeaky toy that we recommend is this one from our store.
  • Edible Chewable Toys – Edible chewable stuff can include rawhide bones, deer antlers, or very hard cheese chews; things that are tough yet edible. Although your dog loves these, but there is also a risk that they can choke if they inadvertently bite off a large chunk, or get their teeth damaged.
  • Puzzle Chewable Toys – Puzzle filled toys provide an element of challenge and reward for the dog, making them highly enjoyable. There are a variety of chewable puzzle toys in the market these days, one of which is this Interactive IQ Feeding Ball..

Remember to supervise and be nearby your dog when you give it a toy to chew on. The dog enjoys chewing a lot more in your presence, and at the same time, you can ensure that no mishaps occur. It is a given that all dogs have to chew, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience for you as a dog owner. Through frequent patient training and positive reaffirmation, your dog will begin to learn what is ok to chew, and what’s not ok to chew. And that is when you’ll be glad such chewable dog toys exist!