Your Dog’s Personality

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Animals, like humans, have distinct personalities, and this applies to pets like dogs and cats. Even lower order creatures like fishes or geckos are claimed to have differing personalities, something that we don’t doubt. This unique personality trait is what … Continued

Taking your puppy on road trips

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Dogs love road trips, at least most dogs that have acclimatized to traveling in a car, do.  But even for those that don’t like road trips, they can be changed through some patient conditioning. Obviously, the best time to condition … Continued

Does your dog need a chew toy?

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Dogs are natural carnivores, and as such, they all possess strong jaws that are always giving them issues, be they adults or juveniles. What issues are we talking about? Well, we are talking about teething issues. For juvenile dogs and … Continued

Some tips on grooming your cat

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Grooming your cat helps to strengthen your bond between you two. It is also necessary to keep your cat in good shape and health. Be it simple grooming like trimming the nails, or more elaborate ones like giving your cat … Continued